Thursday, 21 February 2008

Keeping up appearances

Well hello there trackers!

So TRACKS issue 1 has hit the shelves and well, the shelves have hit back hard. It turns out making a magazine isn't so much like cooking a ready meal as slow roasting a fatted pig or maturing a fine goats cheese (most popularly found in Greece - check out TRACKS for Greek travel tips i.e. what mythical beasts to avoid and why men should avoid over-amorous Spartans).

But never fear, TRACKS issue 2 is here. We have spent the last week cutting/pasting/mixing/massaging/patting/poking TRACKS into shape in order to make it the fine cheese we know it can be. And what have we learnt? It's all about branding - what is tracks? what does it represent? Who you (the readers) are and what you want.

The most important part of any brand has to be the logo, so this is where we've started. We want something that's eye-catching, challenging, entertaining, that sums us up and that you'll associate with the boshing, blagging, bunking travel shenanigans our mag is about. Here's a few images we've been playing around with.

Not bad eh? The winner will be revealed when TRACKS issue 2 comes out next wednesday 27th. But we would love to know what you think. Which one flicks your boat, tickles your switch, or floats your fancy? As always, tracks is all about you, the travellers, so if you've got an opinion you can let us know by emailing or commenting here.

Until then, hope you're all having a ruddy wonderful time planning your next adventures.

Au revoir,
Mike Monypenny

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