Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Making Tracks...

The Gospel according to Boris (why boris we don't know)

...and on the eigth day God didst think "Now I hath rested, I would loveth to go on a budget adventure somewhere in this new world I have created", but he hath no clue wherefore he shouldst go, "What i needeth is a rucksack sized magazine brimming with tips on where to go, what to take, how to talk, what not to say and who to eat." And God didst make TRACKS magazine, and read it, and it was good...

Yes indeedy, TRACKS magazine is born, and while it might not quite be the word of the Lord (although our editor would like to think so ;P) it is a rather jolly good read if you ask me.

If you're young, free and have got itchy feet (or itchy anything else for that matter) but have about as much cash a penguin without any cash, then TRACKS is for you. We've gone off the beaten track to find fun-filled travel adventures at home and abroad that anyone can afford.

In the first issue: one tracker goes pancake racing in Bucks, while another goes couch-surfing in Liverpool the Capital of Culture (and both have a ruddy good time). Also we give you the low-down on how to make a dream trip to Thailand a reality - whatever your financial situation.

Head online to find podcasts, vodcasts, news, features, behind the scenes footage of our travel shenanigans, and most importantly GET INVOLVED. TRACKS is a magazine by travellers, for travellers, we want to hear your thoughts, see your pictures, have your babies...ahem. Our website is in the pipeline but in the meantime keep checking this blog or head to www.myspace.com/tracks_magazine

Until then, adios amigos
Mike Monypenny
Deputy Online Editor

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