Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Always read the small print

Ok, so you think you’ve spotted a great travel bargain, you’re all set and desperate to get away and get on that plane, get out of the country and have some fun. Next thing bang… it’s not such a great deal after all and you find yourself getting ripped off with hidden surcharges from the travel industry.

All this holidaying and travelling on a budget is not always easy - some travel companies are worse than others for grilling you of the mollah. To make matters worse, I discovered an article on the Times Travel website, which says more and more tour operators are adding surcharges to their published prices and most are blaming the euro’s strength against the British pound for it.

Operators can demand up to 10% in surcharges of the price of your holiday, as long as they have reserved the right in small print and the first 2% of any price rise is absorbed. So before you dig deep into your pretty empty wallets and get rinsed by the travel industry, I warn all you trackers out there take even more care when planning that oh so important trip of a life time, and another thing…make sure you read the small print!

Jo Grewx
Photo: Caro's Lines

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