Wednesday, 21 May 2008



Don't want to end up like her above? Listen to us!

Okay, here at Tracks we’re all about giving practical advice. But I’m not going to bombard you with tips such as wear sunscreen and drink lots of water. We know you’re not stupid! But I am going to tell you some things I think are essential:

ALWAYS take a roll of black bags with you. They can be used for anything. A DIY raincoat, dress or just to put your dirty underwear in at the end of the weekend.

NEVER believe anyone when they say ‘Herbal Highs’ are harmless because they’re legal. I have seen first hand that they can be just as bad if not worse than their illegal equivalents

ALWAYS take water purifying tablets. Yeah sure I know there’s drinking water there and it must be clean, but I for one am not taking the risk.

NEVER buy any kind of meat on the last day of a festival. I’m not claiming that all vendors will sell you anything, no matter how inedible it is, but there are some. And I should know, having spent the best part of Billy Talent in Download festival last year throwing up what was meant to be a ‘fresh hotdog’.

Laura Elizabeth Johnson * Tracks Culture Editor

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